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Hurrah free & cheap web hosting in Bangladesh! Yes, we are offering the best secure and fast SSD Dedicated, Shared, VPS, Cloud server and Reseller cheap web hosting services in BD with a cheap domain registration price. It's an incredible hosting company for the newbies who are dreaming of keeping their first step in the virtual world.



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.com Tk-950

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Domain-Hosting ABC Knowledge Simplified – For Beginners

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There is some popular terminology of domain and hosting. You should comprehend the standard technical terms of Domain and Hosting if you are an internet marketer, website developer, or website owner. In this post, we will present everything about domain-hosting base knowledge industry phrases broadly nicely.

You may also visit our video tutorial for more visualization of domain hosting matters. In there we will show gradually all the how-to hosting matters like hosting space, domain registration, migration, server error fixing, website development and Bangladeshi server matters.

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Premium Hosting Solutions

Whatever your necessities! We’ve layout an impressive and best price hosting plans for Bangladeshi people.


Tk 100/MO

1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB, Unlimited Options Available

  • 1 GB SSD Disc Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited E-mail Account
  • Unlimited MysQl Database


Tk 1,275/MO

30GB, 75GB, 150GB, 200GB Options Available

  • 1 GB SSD Disc Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited E-mail Account
  • Unlimited MysQl Database


Tk 9,500/MO

30GB, 75GB, 150GB, 200GB Options Available

  • 1 GB SSD Disc Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited E-mail Account
  • Unlimited MysQl Database


Tk 1,275/MO

30GB, 75GB, 150GB, 200GB Options Available

  • 1 GB SSD Disc Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited E-mail Account
  • Unlimited MysQl Database

Our Robust Hosting Services

We are Uncompromising with quality and security. So don’t return for less than the best hosting!

Reseller Hosting

Are you thinking of starting up hosting business? Start your hosting business from home with cheap hosting, Bangladesh. We will help everything to set up your first reseller hosting plans easily.

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Dedicated Server

No more bandwidth or storage sharing, enjoy the ultimate power and control of hosting! Just rent a physical server from us and manage everything of your dedicated server.

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Shared Hosting

Our affordable superfast shared hosting plans will give you 100% security and flexibility without interrupting over the year. We like to guess you an astonishing flavor of shared hosting.

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VPS Hosting

Start your full control of the virtual private server at cheap hosting bd for an excellent experience. We will be allocated a surprising hosting environment (superfast SSD storage with RAM and CPU) account to you.

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Email Hosting

An email hosting plan may save your business from significant damages. It will ensure the security, flexibility, and power of self-controlling. To protect your vital records or sensitive information, pick our fast email hosting service today.

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WordPress Hosting

We are offering the top and best WordPress hosting services to start blogging. You will feel proud to be a member of the WordPress community for better performance—our excellent customer support 24/7.

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SSD Web Hosting

Now demand the time to a fast-loading webpage for better performance in search engines. Our fast solid-state drive servers will make your job easier and quicker your webpage while audience visiting.

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Cloud Hosting

The usability of cloud servers is increasing day by day. Cheap hosting Bangladesh ensures easy-to-use, dedicated resources (RAM, CPU, and SSD Disk Space) and fully managed cloud servers to our customers.

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We Also Offer Services

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We design and redesign the clean, professional, and fast-loading website to boost in search engine. We ensure and fix 75+ On-page and technical SEO terms while building a website. If you like to get quality and affordable prices, you should love and design your next business, eCommerce, personal, newspaper, or whatever website to us.


To recognize the business or brand to your targeted audiences, SEO is a killer and perfect solution. Many people don’t know or familiar with your services. That’s why we need digital marketing to reach them who are searching for you on the internet. We offer a white hat method of SEO services to digitalize any local or global business.


Unique and real content is vital matters to grow an internet business. is the sister service of Bintu IT and offers quality content for your growing business. Specially, we work for the eCommerce company and digital marketers. Our expert content writers are well trained and dedicated to their job.

Why Choose Bindu Hosting?

For Quality, Security and Cordial Client Support by Live Chat

Top Security

Not only hosting factor, everywhere safety is first. So we never compromise with security.

SSD Powered

Just for blazing and superfast hosting power, everybody should use SSD disc space.

Support 365/7

We are confirming you 24x7x365 day-night premium and satisfactory assistance.

99.99% Uptime

Really, nobody could give 100% uptime and the same to here 99.99% Uptime.


How to design a superfast affiliate, adsense and lead gen website with On-Page SEO? (Video)

In 2020 Page loading speed is an essential constituent to the search engine (Google) for ranking any webpage. This post will show you how to design an ultra-fast website in WordPress without using cashing plugins (Step by step Guide with Video).

Free and Cheap Web Hosting Features

business with the best cheap web hosting in Bangladesh? You are in the right place. Free is just by name, and you will enjoy a 100% premium hosting service from us. But there are some conditions only. As a beginner, you may start from the free hosting package. Whenever you need more space and facilities, migrate to our cheap or premium plans. We are not working and targeting for the international audience. This offer only for the citizen of Bangladesh. We will follow all the latest and modern technologies and preferences of the server management system. —a happy virtual achieving with us!

Free Domain-Hosting with Cpanel Account (Conditions)


Life Time

  • One domain
  • 5 GB Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 10 E-mail Account
  • Unlimited Database
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • One-click Installer
  • Lite Speed Server
  • Daily Backups
  • Plesk Panel

Cheap Shared Hosting Package

Tk 50/MO

600 Taka Per Year

  • 1GB SSD Server
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited E-mail
  • Unlimited Database
  • Plesk Control Panel
  • One-Click Installer
  • Daily Backups
  • Lite Speed Server
  • Free SSL Certificate

Best Cheap Web Hosting in Bangladesh

Are you finding the best cheap hosting in Bangladesh? We feel proud to give the free and reliable hosting message to Bangladesh’s all the great cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barishal, Mymensingh, Sylhet, and Rangpur. Our server located in different countries like the USA, Canada, Singapore, and India. That will be not only an excellent experience but also a straightforward approach to the virtual world. So start your online walking with us in full confidence and trust.

cheap web hosting in bangladesh

Cheap Reseller Hosting in Bangladesh

Reseller web hosting is the process of renting your hard drive space with bandwidth with another company, who then rents the space to many other small businesses. With this service, you pose to be a hosting provider yourself where you are renting the space from another company. If you are only starting in the industry and want to build your web hosting firm, you should consider incorporating reseller web hosting services at the initial stage. Besides, being able to provide web hosting services while being a web developer and designer increases the value of your business. It boosts your conversion, and you get to attract more and more customers over time. And, the matter of fact that, getting a cheap reseller hosting in Bangladesh is very daunting these days.

At BinduHost, the plan that we got or you will help you earn money on the side. You can even become a full-time web hosting service provider by using our services. We promise to provide top-notch cheap reseller hosting in Bangladesh that lets you acquire your hosting clients. As mentioned above, it a plus for you, when you are a web developer and designer as making use of our services, will add valuer for your existing future customers.

We believe that we will enable you to have full control of your hosting business. It doesn’t matter what additional services you want to provide yo your clients, from resource allocation to payment methods, we have got your covered. Feel free to contact us. We can’t wait any more to show you the way to success!.

Cheap Dedicated Hosting in Bangladesh

Dedicated Hosting is a combination of several web hosting packages. Its task is to give a specific server with several resources to a particular client. This plan of hosting is well suited for WordPress websites. Many of the WordPress hosting service providers do offer dedicated hosting along with shared VPS hosting plans.

For instance, if the client is sharing his computer with several other clients. In the dedicated hosting plans, a client has the entire server on a lease with all its resources. Various companies offer different packages at various prices for dedicated Hosting based on the hardware and resource allocations.

Dedicated Hosting is generally suitable for large organizations or websites that have very high data traffic.

Although many companies in the country are offering different packages for Dedicated Hosting, there are not many of them that offer cheap dedicated Hosting in Bangladesh.

Why choose Bindu Host? Here you will be able to control your organization’s server, it’s applications, and operating system using the best and the Cheap Dedicated Hosting in Bangladesh available at the moment. Also, you will be able to change the configurations of your server, add new software and resources to meet the requirements set up by your organization or business. This will helps to maintain the security of your data.

Cheap Shared Hosting in Bangladesh

The shared hosting is where a site uses a physical server with one or more websites.

Every website is stored on a server that is generally a computer. That is exactly how it becomes available for the users without any form of restrictions. Once someone enters an address of a website in the browser, then this program uses the address to find out where the site is kept. Once the browser gets the information about the website, it then displays the information on the screen.

With the shared hosting feature, one single server can hold several files on different websites at once. Then the information can be passed on to whoever will request it by entering its address on the browser.

Why choose Shared Hosting from BinduHost? It can offer Cheap Shared Hosting in Bangladesh. It will allow the newbies who are looking out for a platform to launch the site for the very first time. It is the best option for those who have gained a lot of experience in the field of website hosting and looking out for a hosting service on a budget. The advantage of shared hosting is that you can subscribe to a plan as per your needs.

Cheap VPS Hosting in Banglades

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is among the most common types of hosting services currently available. It uses the virtualization technology to give you the private resources on a server with several users.

It is more secure and stable compared to the shared hosting as you have a dedicated server here, unlike shared hosting.

VPS Hosting is generally chosen by the website owners who have an average level of traffic that can not be covered by the shared hosting server.

Why choose VPS Hosting from BinduHost?Not many companies can offer Cheap VPS Hosting in Bangladesh, and Bindu IT has taken the challenge to provide it with the service at an affordable rate.

Why should you choose VPS Hosting Service? Firstly it will let you set up a website within a server that has one of the best defence. The server that you do not have to share with other computers.

The Cheap VPS Hosting in Bangladesh will allow more companies in Bangladesh to get the maximum amount of information without any hassle due to its super high processing power. Also, the companies can keep their files and databases locked out from potential intruders.

Cheap Email Hosting in Bangladesh

Email hosting makes it possible for a hosting provider to give out email servers on a lease to its users. Email hosting is considered professional only when both the incoming and also the outgoing emails pass through a separately shared or dedicated mail server.

With the advanced email hosting plans, one can get access to dedicated custom email platforms. The providers supervise the user’s domain name, have security email attesting functions like filtrating, cloning, and redirection of the emails. Various hosting service providers like BinduHost, who promise to offer Cheap Email Hosting in Bangladesh has different technology and facilities based on their client’s needs. It is committed to providing the three main services-security, email organization, and filtering the spam.

You can have access to the three different types of email hosting services from the company that offers Cheap Email Hosting in Bangladesh. These include ;

  • Shared Hosting Email Service for any individuals and firms
  • Cloud Email Service suitable for small organizations
  • Enterprise Email Solutions suitable for both SME(Small Medium Enterprises) and large firms

The company will provide standardized POP-3 based email and webmail based on the open-source webmail applications such as Horde and RoundCube.It will also offer you standard email hosting.

Cheap WordPress Hosting in Bangladesh

WordPress Web Hosting is the host that is developed to run for WordPress. The different features available for this type of hosting depends, of course, on the plan you chose. In general, any WordPress hosting service will have these features by default. They are the one-click install that allows users to install WordPress on the site and automatically update the core of WordPress.

There are three types of WordPress Hostings that the users can choose from:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Shared WordPress Hosting
  • VPS WordPress Hosting

Why Choose BinduHost? Apart from offering the Cheap WordPress Hosting in Bangladesh, it will help to load a WordPress website quicker. We all know that no one loves a website that takes ages to load, so WordPress hosting is here to solve that problem. Another advantage of WordPress Hosting is that it can tackle any form of security threats on websites created using WordPress (world’s most-hacked CMS). The third benefit of WordPress hosting is that the host will take care of the updates and patch up any security holes in the sites if any. Hence the host will make sure that the sites are running with the latest WordPress core plugin and themes.

Cheap SSD Web Hosting in Bangladesh

If you want your website to run faster, then you must switch on to SSD Hosting where SSD stands for Solid State Drive. Why should you use SSD Hosting instead of other types of hosting? You can get these benefits from BinduHost that offers Cheap SSD Web Hosting in Bangladesh.

  • The hosting speed is at least four times more when a user uses an SSD over HDD.SSD hosting makes use of several SSD drives that makes the website load faster as compared to other types of web hosting.
  • Unlike the HDD, the SSD does not have any moving parts. That means if you drop your laptop or tablet for any reason while you are working, the SSD drive will continue to work inside it and will not damage so quickly.
  • SSDs do not have any unstable rotating disc inside it, unlike the HDD, which is why it can store all the data from the websites. That will allow the user to have the best browsing experience without any interruption
  • SSDs use at least 80% less energy compared to the HDDs that help save electricity at the data centres and help in maintaining the temperature.

Now that you know the benefits so when are you planning to get the SSD hosting for your company or yourself.

Cheap Cloud Hosting in Bangladesh

What is Cloud Hosting? It is a type of web hosting that makes use of different servers to balance the load of the files and minimize the uptime. Instead of using one server, the website can use what is known as the cluster that uses the information from the internal cache. It means that if one server fails for any known and unknown reasons, then the websites can operate from a different server. The types of websites that use cloud hosting include e-commerce stores, high traffic projects, and corporate websites. If a website is a lifeline of the company, then it is highly recommended by experts that they use cloud hosting to back up their data.

Apart from the Cheap Cloud Hosting in Bangladesh, BinduHost will help to provide the additional features that come up with this hosting such as having access to the cloud cluster where a user will get a certain amount of space from a single server.

The other benefits of cloud hosting include but are not limited to uptime enhancement, isolated resources, easy scaling, and a dedicated IP address.

Cheap Image Hosting in Bangladesh

An image hosting service allows anyone using the Internet to upload any image on a particular site. The image host like BinduHost that offers Cheap Image hosting in Bangladesh will save the images onto the server, and the user will see different varieties of code that will allow others to see the image.

Why should you use an image hosting service? Firstly it helps users to store an indefinite number of images on its server. It means that the user will never run out of space for images when creating a website or an e-commerce site.

Another advantage of an image hosting service is that your images will have the best security. They provide this security because the images are saved using cloud technology, which means that the images will not be stored in one particular location but across many.

The final benefit of using an image hosting service is that your images will be loaded quickly on the site from the server. That means that if you are using the image hosting service, your page will load faster, even irrespective of its size. The tons of images on the site will never be a problem. Hence proceed to purchase an image hosting plan as per your preferences to build a fast and responsive website.

Cheap Ecommerce Hosting in Bangladesh

Ecommerce hosting is a web hosting platform that operates for e-commerce websites. Unlike standard web hosting, e-commerce hosting sites comprises several functions that are required to run a commercial website. Some of these features are payment processing services, security initiatives, shopping cart software, etc.

Why should you choose BinduHost? Apart from offering Cheap Ecommerce Hosting in Bangladesh, it will also provide everything necessary to run an e-commerce website effectively.

Why should you choose an e-commerce host? Firstly it will make your e-commerce site run faster. If your site is slower than usual, then it will fall back on the algorithm used by Google to rank the websites for SEO. Then the next reason is that without the SSL certificate, people will not want to access the e-commerce website and purchase anything using their important bank details. An e-commerce host like BinduIT will offer encryption as part of their package and make sure that the site is safe enough to carry out online financial transactions. Finally, e-commerce web hosts will offer a certain amount of uptime so that the website does not lose on their business due to website maintenance.

Hosting FAQ

General and common questions about Hosting and Domain

Hosting Query Article

No, there is nothing any hidden cost in the free hosting plan. But we will provide free hosting only for one website and of course have to become people (Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer or Freelancer ) of Bangladesh.

The files of the website have to be uploaded on to a web server so that the website is available online. The server can be bought on a lease/rent from a hosting provider and this is known as hosting. So when someone will lookup for the website using the domain name then it will be directed to the website.

Hosting is necessary to keep the website active and accessible on the Internet. Hosting is required to store the files of the websites in a server. There are different types of hosting available based on the type of website you wish to host. There is e-commerce, email, WordPress hosting, etc.

It will manage all the backend concerns that will include the maintenance and repairing of the servers. Hence getting a website hosting plan will make your life easier. Website hosting is necessary to keep your websites secure when it is online. It also makes sure that the website is accessible to everyone.

A domain name is an address the internet users can type in to go to a website. It is also used to find and identify computers on the Web. A domain name can be a combination of letters and numbers and it can be used with different domain extensions such as .com,.org, etc.

Hosting is referred to as the technology that is offered so that the webpage can be viewed on the Internet. Websites are stored on computers known as servers.

There are various options available right now like WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy, etc where someone can host a website without any extra cost.the free website hosting company guarantees that the person or an organization can keep the organization as long as he/she wants. These free shared hosting providers offer free SSL, domain, and email.

Yes, The hosting companies in Bangladesh are reliable as they are committed to providing the best value for the money. The hosting companies in this country try to offer you the best hosting plan according to your or your firm’s requirements as customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Yes, you can move the domain name to a different host if the new host is offering a lower renewal rate for example. The other reason can be that the new registrar gives a better experience, the current option does not provide quality support or if you wish to move all the domain to a single platform.

Web hosts are firms that rent out their services and technologies to host a particular website. Once the website is hosted by a hosting company then the users can find the website on the Internet by typing the address or the domain name of the website. After the user types in the domain name then the PC connects to the server that is the host to the website.

No, it does not matter from where you purchase the domain name after you have registered it. You can get it from anywhere. However, some services may offer additional features that the other companies may not provide you. Some of these features include additional hosting services which means that apart from domain hosting, some companies also offer hosting services. Also, two domain registrars may charge you different prices for the same domain so you must do a small research on the prices before you plan to purchase a domain.

The prices to host a website can range from $10 to $15 per year and a shared web host is between $35 and $120 depending on the hosting company that you choose. However, some hosting companies include free domain inside their hosting plans. This can be a great way to save some money.

A Bangladeshi hosting firm will never compromise for the quality and will offer you the best hosting plans that will meet your needs. They offer the same features as any international hosting company and also they are reliable. The firms in Bangladesh have a very strong network of both local as well as international clients.

There are certain factors that you must consider when selecting the hosting plan. The first of it is the amount of traffic you expect from your website. The price for every hosting plan is decided based upon the amount of bandwidth and storage do the websites need. The second important factor is the types of servers required. For instance, the shared hosting server can be used only if it is not necessary for your website if it is unable to feature on the top in Google. If you want it otherwise then you have to shift to a hosting plan that offers more bandwidth.

First of all, a Bangladeshi company will offer you the hosting plans at a much lower rate compared to the international hosting company. That doesn’t mean they will compromise with the quality of service that you get. Another reason is that compared to the international hosting company, the Bangladeshi hosting firms will ask for a lower price for any sort of technical maintenance.


Welcome to the cheap web hosting Bangladesh hosting knowledge territory! We have kept how to blogging option page to simplify all the basics and advance knowledge of hosting technical terms. Here you could explore how to hosting, develop, and maintain your server and website. Our hosting experts are available 24/7 on live chat to resolve any hosting issues. To know in the depth of hosting the chit sheet, please visit here without delay.

Honest Declaration

Bindu Host is the growing hosting company in Bangladesh. In the hosting industry, we want to associate cordially to make hosting terms more accessible and inexpensive in every clarification. I am 100% sure every serious people, marketer, and the learner will be beneficial here except scammers. We will inspire the young generation to work online for earning and digitalizing our regular activities. That’s why we have offered free domain hosting plans for the next dreamer.

An entrepreneur and hidden talent is nothing but believing yourself as a perfect dreamer. Everyone has some latent abilities. So try to create your expertise and start working. Happy online tour with us!

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