Google G Suite Pricing Bangladesh

If you want to know the Google G Suite Account Pricing-Bangladesh and purchase it at affordable price, you are in the right track. Google G-Suite is a productivity enhancement tool presented by Google that allows organizations to use all the next-level Google services and monitor, control their employees ‘ activity simultaneously.

If you have an organization or run a business and want to increase your productivity by teamwork and powerful data analytics, then Google G-Suite can help you with that.

Benefits of Google Workspace

Read more details below and find how Google G-Suite can be beneficial for your business.

We want to highlight the following G-Suite features that should be in the spotlight:

Get Custom Email Domain:

For professional communication, you must want a mailing address that matches your domain name. With Google G-Suite, you can easily create a business Email address that matches your domain name. 

And if you have multiple domains, then one basic G-Suite license can give you up to 30 custom emails without extra cost.

Not only for creating custom mailing addresses, but you can also use each of your emails to send and receive emails in a separate inbox as you experienced with basic Gmail service. 

Extended Google Drive Storage:

With a basic Goole account, you get just up to 15GB of storage in Google Drive. But with the Google G-Suite service, you will get more than 15GB of storage capacity. 

With a basic G-Suite plan, you can use 30GB storage/user. And if you buy a standard or premium plan, you will get up to 2TB and up to 5TB cloud storage per user.

And searching for specific data on Google Drive is so convenient, and you can access this data from everywhere in the world. Moreover, Google will store and secure your data from others.

Meet with Google Meet:

This is the era of video chatting for meeting with clients and team members. With Google G-Suite, you will get all the features of the Google Meet platform at a single license.

Google Meet is a video communication tool, and it will allow you to join with 100 participants if you buy a basic G-Suite plan. 

And for a standard and premium plan, you can join with 150 and 250 participants in a meeting. Now, Goole meet is upgraded and has become a stable video meeting platform in the industry.

Collaborate with your team:

Besides the above features, you will get Google calendar, chat, sheets, docs, keep, Slides some other Google’s mainstream services. 

But the real advantage comes out when you become able to work together on the same project. For instance, imagine you run an organization, have ten employees, and got a project to complete. 

With Google G-Suite, your employees can work on the same project in real-time together. Like- All of them can work on a doc file and simultaneity, chat, and leave comments while working. In addition, they will see whoever else is now working with them online and what changes everyone is making.

This real-time collaboration will help you increase your team members’ productivity. 

Monitor Your Team:

You can control which team members can access your data while you can see who is working on which sheets, docs, or slides in real-time. 

Besides that- With G-Suite, you can see real-time statistical analytic data about your employee’s performance and your company’s growth.

When all these come together, you get the power to fuel your team’s productivity and business growth.  

Pros of Google Workspace

These are the pros of using Google G-Suite for your business growth:

With Goole G-suite, you will quickly get and use multiple business email that matches your domain name at the same place.

You get all the services online so that you don’t need to install multiple applications on your PC.

Safe, accessible cloud storage with backup advantages can fulfil your storage needs.

Real-time team collaboration will increase your productivity. Monitoring a team becomes easy with using Google G-Suite.

Cons of G Suite

These are some cons of buying Google G-Suite for a business:

If you have a small business with less than five people, then G-Suite can be expensive for your business.

The support team takes a little time to respond.

The cloud storage could be over 30 GB with the basic G-Suite plan. 

Alternative software for Google G-Suite:

Microsoft Office 365 is the best alternative software for Google G-Suite out there.

Microsoft Office 365 offers powerful tools like Word, PowerPoint, Exel, Access, and other powerful tools to use online or offline. It is one of the favourites and most used office tools in the market since its birth.

Pricing of Google G-Suite:

The basic plan named Business Starter comes at $6 user/per month, the Business Standard comes at $12 user/per month and Business Plus plan comes at $18 user/month.

If you need a more personalized plan for your business, you can contact them for an Enterprise plan. 

Some companies use Google’s G-Suite for their organization: Uber, Airbnb, Google, Nielsen, Colgate, Netflix, Pinterest, Spotify, Twitter, Instacart.


Google G Suite is a cloud-based suite of productivity and collaboration tools offered by Google, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and more.

Google G Suite includes additional productivity tools, such as Gmail and Google Docs, whereas Google Drive is primarily a cloud storage service. With Google G Suite, you have access to a suite of tools designed for collaboration and productivity.

The benefits of using Google G Suite include access to a suite of productivity and collaboration tools, real-time collaboration with others, automatic updates to the latest version of the software, and cloud-based storage for files.

Google G Suite includes several security features to protect your data and devices, including data encryption, two-factor authentication, and mobile device management. However, it is still important to take additional steps to secure your account, such as using strong passwords and regularly monitoring your account activity.

Yes, you can use Google G Suite on multiple devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With a Google G Suite subscription, you can access your files and collaborate with others from any device with an internet connection.