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### The hosting services and the web server management services are no more tedious, and now a days, with the advent of the latest technologies, it has become quite easier than before. As we all know the web solution including the web hosting and server management services and the network management services offer accessibility to the website online.

Hosting and the server management services offer space on the server to create any website accessible over World Wide Web. The criteria of the hosting as well as the web server management varies from a provider to another. In the era of the social network, all the network management services companies and the web hosting services companies have played some critical role to cater the requirements of the server management services websites. The web hosting and the network management services which act like the hub of the protocol files of various websites which are stored under numerous servers. The technical terms like FTP, DNS, ISP are some of the codes which make one familiar with the web server management and web hosting services.

Now a days, there are a number of server management services and network management services provider available in the market. But the only thing is that only some of them offer the web server management services with complete security and reliability.

So, while choosing the server management services company for any kind of web solution, one needs to judge the services of all the companies as well as the packages which they offer and also the attractive plans made by them.

Web solutions and New Cool Hosting:
New Cool Hosting is one of the reputable company which offers informative website hosting and server management services online to the clients all around world. Here, we have a years long experience in the network management services. We offer web hosting and web server management services for various domains starting from .com to .in and more. This has brought us at the top of the list of the web solutions companies all around the world.

###While one thinks about any online web server management business, it is quite usual to think about the hosting also. At first, the domain name registration and therefore domain hosting. Both of these steps make one company ready with the website work for the network management services and the server management services. Besides, these two services are also the basics which bring the space for any specific website to get the access over World Wide Web. In the world of Internet, there are a number of web server management service providers who offer various web hosting services like server management services and network management services in the terms of website hosting. Additionally, there are a number of points which should be concerned while using the web server management services from any of the reputable server management services hosting providers. Various choices are available for web hosting and domain registration services but basically two types of web hosting services available in the industry. Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting. These are also backed up by various wonderful value added services that includes amazing client support. At New Cool Hosting, we offer the clients informative details and guidance on these two types of web server management hosting services. Linux hosting: this kind of hosting is essential to work for various open source technologies like MySQL, PHP, XML, Python. So, if you are planning to have all these technologies for network management services or server management services then having the Linux hosting service is too essential. The Linux web server management hosting is very reliable and secure as well and can be managed and opened easily with the help of the open source technologies. By far, the Linux technology has concerned as most favorable and one of the best operating systems which can be easily compatible and can be worked with the technologies of open source database.
Windows hosting: The Windows hosting server management services are designed specially for the MS Access, SQL 2000, FrontPage 2002, Active Server Pages, MS Index Servers, and many more. Basically, these kind of web server management services are meant for those who work with .net or ASP with the database of MySQL. This service is quite easy to operate and organize without understanding the server side deeply. So, it is always advisable to go with the Windows hosting services if you are playing with all the languages of advanced computer. Additionally, the window web hosting service is also very easy to develop as well as compatible with the integrated application server.