How to choose a good hosting in Bangladesh?

The choice of hosting is the first important decision you must make to start your web or weblog in WordPress , and it is not a small thing! It is not enough to choose the most affordable or the best known because that will not assure you that it will work well; especially when you have problems: because you are going to have them, believe me. With what I am going to tell you about my experience and what has made me decide, with what I think, the best web hosting for WordPress.

Unlimited hosting, problematic hosting

The first thing I did when I decided to create a blog like this is to look for the most affordable hosting, with a lot of space, a lot of bandwidth, domains without cost and, if possible, they would wash my dishes already. And now I say to myself: badly done Rubén! When you have had a good time with your hosting, you realize that you are hardly going to use 40 percent of each and every one of the resources that sold you so cheap: that’s why they sold them to you.

A hosting that offers everything unlimited, but you use little, for what?

So what does it mean to be the best accommodation? The real value of the service I began to understand when I had problems, such as slow loading of the web page or that the page was not shown directly due to the fact that the server had stopped running. Imagine my face when after sharing the article I had just published on social networks, people informed me that the backlink did not work. Visits and lost time.I wrote to technical support and they replied that they were trying to solve the problem, but the moment they answer the same thing multiple times per month and multiple months per year, it is the moment you realize: the economic thing is expensive .

To find the right hosting

After ruling out 1and1, arsys and others, I decided to start looking for a Spanish product, something from our land, so I Googleed ” hosting ssd españa ” and there it is … a list of Spanish providers, I found Cubenode, Sered, Hostinet among others…

I launched by Sered , on his Facebook page I found a promotion to test hosting and that’s how it was.
I told them via phone call that I really have a blog, with X visits and the size it was, so they offered me WordPress Medium Hosting , the support department migrated my website from the old provider and everything was working.

The control panel is cPanel, easy to use, complete guides and good technical support, oh wait, the web is like wheels, what else do I want?

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